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First Post of the Season!

Yea! Snakes on a Lane are back and we’re ready to strike! (Get it? Bowling? Strikes? Snakes? They strike? Tee-hee, har-har, I’m so funny!) Okay, so after some drama last Tuesday, we have finally settled on a Monday night league at Strike-n-Spare called the Bill Porter Memorial League. I have no idea who Bill Porter was and tried looking him up but with no avail. Oh, well. It’s a league and we get to bowl.

After four months of not bowling for all of us, it was not a good start to the season, or maybe it was, meaning a huge handicap. I’ll put it in perspective for you how bad it was on our first night out on the lanes. Now, remember, we haven’t bowled seriously in four months and this is a new house, but really?

Brandon – Last season: 192 average. Monday night: 163 average.
Andrew – Last season: 166 average. Monday night: 129 average.
Bob – Last season: 171 average. Monday night: 154 average.
Jen – Last season: 149 average. Monday night: 160 average.

Apparently, I was the only one who decided to show up to bowl that night. Now, Brandon mentioned that he bowled terribly with his other league so his average here is very close to his average at the other house. Bob only pulled out a 154 average because he decided to remember how to bowl and bowled a 202 in his last game. Andrew, poor Andrew. He reverted back to how he was when we first bowled together 2 1/2 years ago, which was VERY POORLY.

Okay, it was the first week and somehow we still pulled off 5 points. But you guys are not slight of build so I can’t carry you through the rest of the season, I’m only 5’3 and *** pounds! :-)

Jen 156 175 149 Total: 480
Andrew 128 161 98 Total: 387
Bob 138 123 202 Total: 463
Brandon 158 179 152 Total: 489

2 Responses to “First Post of the Season!”

  1. Brandon Says:

    i think you did the math wrong for andrew….

  2. Jen Says:

    Fixed. Someone has bad handwriting. :-)

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