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The Reign of Terror is Over

After several weeks of being #1, SOAL succumbed to the pressure of being so good and lost 7 straight points this past week. It could be that we had a week off, the bitter cold or that one of our members was missing. We couldn’t pinpoint why we got our butts kicked, the fact is that we did. It all started off with Bob’s terrible showing during his pre-bowl. If he hadn’t have bowled beforehand, we may have had a chance. A dismal three games in which he was unable to attain his average. After hearing his scores, we were a bit shook up when we walked into the bowling alley to face Taking Care of Business. Well, not only did we have to bowl against a team in which we had to give them 87 pins, they were the second place team, only 4 points behind us. Damn. We came pretty close the first game which meant that they were beatable. It helped that Brandon bowled a 225 and I bowled a 163, that boosted Andrew’s poor 139 and Bob’s 131. But that wasn’t enough and we lost by 13 pins. We were annihilated in second and it was due to Butt Crack’s 244 (every time this guy bowls, you see his butt crack and I don’t mean a little bit, I mean his whole ass is hanging out, ewwww). That was 98 pins above his average. Yeah, we had no chance. We even improved on the last game, the other team just bowled better than us. But I did score 184, which was the highest score out of everyone in the third game (yea me). That meant we fell to 2nd place, but I have faith that we can regain the #1 position. In the end, I ended up with 4 points, Brandon 3, and Andrew and Bob received 0 points. It’s time for me to gloat a bit, I’m pulling ahead!!!

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  1. Brandon Says:

    You lefties have it ease. I had to deal with Butt Crack effing up my line all night with that ball-palming bullshit.

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