Point Total

Another 7 Points

After sufficiently shaming Brandon and Andrew for not taking seven points from Chops et al, we came in this week ready to defend our first place. We were competing against Mayo and his team. He was very serious about his bowling that he wouldn’t even let us put the football game on our screen, it would be too distracting. Well even without it, we still beat them so nah-nah-nah-boo-boo!

I guess Bob and I were still on vacation during the first game because we did not bowl our average. Luckily, our captain saved the day. Brandon decided that this was the game that he was going to bowl like a rock star. First frame: strike. Second frame: strike. Third frame: strike. Nothing unusual with a turkey. Fourth frame: strike. Hambone. Not bad. Fifth frame: strike. Well, he’s on a streak. Sixth frame: strike. Don’t ask about his $600 from Motel 6, we might jinx him. Seventh frame: strike. You only need 5 more strikes! Eighth frame: strike. Everyone is watching him now. But we’re not saying anything to him about it, as if he wasn’t SO CLOSE to a perfect game. Ninth frame: strike. Holy crap!!!! Ten frame: no one is breathing as he walked up to the lane. All eyes are fixated on him and what he was going to throw. He takes his approach, releases the ball and then…9. The entire house groaned, then applauded his streak. And to add salt to the wound, he missed his spare. Still, 9 in a row and a 267. Not too shabby. A good thing too, since only he and Andrew made their averages. We ended up winning by 78 though.

Second game, Jen and Andrew came back and both earned two points with a 179 and a 197, respectively. Bob continued to scuffle along, 9 points under average. Brandon had decided that the first game was good enough for him, coming in one point under average. Spare Parts bowled 58 pins better than the first game, but we still held on to win by 18.

Third game was a big one for the Snakes as Jen and Bob earned two points and Brandon and Andrew each earned one, with the team coming in 754 scratch and 860 handicap to win by 90 and secure all seven points for the team. We remained in first place and continue our romp through the second half next week again Mr. Tight Pants.

Jen 134 179 172 Total: 485
Andrew 173 197 192 Total: 562
Bob 149 162 202 Total: 513
Brandon 267 183 188 Total: 638

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