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Bits-n-Pieces Holiday Party

The Bits-n-Pieces League always has a holiday party right before Christmas, which basically means that every team has to bring something to share. Of course, we were too lazy to actually make something, Bob ran out and got a veggie tray from Sams (it’s a great veggie tray). And as part of the spirit of giving, the team we bowled that night was generous enough to give us 7 points. So, yeah, we kicked booty that night. Of course, there was a little bit of drama involved to make the night more interesting. Brandon decided to liven up the party by falling onto the lane when he went up to bowl, twice. We are talking about throwing himself down the lane. It was pretty scary, but he was a true athlete, he just got up and bowled again with no complaints. Unlike the other team, where this one guy kept complaining about our strikes and how we all didn’t deserve them. Wah-wah! Andrew finally woke up and bowled like himself, earning 4 points.  Bob came out of the gate roaring in the first game, went to raid the food table during the second game, when he was full, he came back to bowl in the third, so 3 points for him.  Brandon was unable to obtain any points for the week, due to the fact that he was injured.  And then there’s me.  Yea, me.  I beat the boys in the second game (I was very excited about that) and bowled well in the third.  We won’t mention the first game.  That means, 4 points for me.  Merry Christmas to all of us.

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