Point Total

Snake Tweets!

  • Tonight is sweepstakes! We thought we had one more week, but this is it. Get paid!!! #
  • Swapping puppy stories in between frames. The Dukes have a new addition! #
  • Game one:
    Jen: 130
    @schwagner: 139
    @bsdeluxe: 201
    @dukestl: 170
    It's sweepstakes, but we would have won! #
  • The worst thing about sweepstakes is that I actually bowl well. I look forward to next week but … there is no next week! #
  • Lazy snake for @schwagner! Oy! #
  • Game two:
    Jen: 162
    @schwagner: 128
    @bsdeluxe: 203
    @dukestl: 178
    We would have lost. But it's sweepstakes! #
  • Damn you, @schwagner! Owl City is the bane of my mind! #
  • Game three:
    Jen: 133
    @schwagner: 173
    @bsdeluxe: 150
    @dukestl: 132
    And that's a wrap! Another good season for the snakes! #
  • We finished 8th place in first half, 5th place second half. #
  • Congrats to @dukestl with second place men's high game with a 276! #
  • And @bsdeluxe with 6th high game: 232! And @schwagner with 7th high series: 572! #
  • And Jen with 2nd high game: 209!!! Great Job! #
  • And 5th place men's sweepstakes to @bsdeluxe! Nine dollars! #
  • And 8th place for Jen in women's sweepstakes! $8! #
  • Hey @jimitoofast: your take was $41. Next time we see you, I got hella rolls of nickels with your name on it. #

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