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Bowling the Blind

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Brandon, we were just bowling the blind, not bowling blind.  What happened to you?

This week we bowled the “blind” team aka we bowled against ourselves. In order to win our points, we had to bowl 90% of our team average, which meant that we had to bowl 610 or better scratch. The first game was a no brainer, we all bowled well, surpassing our needed score by 96 pins. The second game was a bit dicey. Brandon, the man with a 201 average decided that he was tired of putting up the big numbers and dropped a 134. He did not strike at all during the second game but he was able to get a mark in the last frame in order for us to win the second game by the skin of our teeth. Thanks for the contribution. By the time the last game came around, we figured out how to bowl and easily won it. Brandon got his groove back just in time to hang Bob in the pizza frame so we will be dining on pizza next week on Bob’s dime, again. Man, how many times has Bob had to pay? So the Snakes were able to not be one of those teams that loses to the blind. Whew, dignity is intact.

Jen 188 151 199 Total: 538
Andrew 178 165 136 Total: 479
Bob 171 169 169 Total: 509
Brandon 169 134 193 Total: 496

Oh yeah, did you notice that I put up the big scores this week? I beat all of the guys! Woo-hoo! Totally doing the booty shake!