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A Tale Of Two Teams

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Man, this week was tough. There were more ups and downs than episode of Behind the Music.  First game, no one made our average and we lost by 121 pins. Second game, we all made our average, had 5 straight snake attacks and won by 122 pins. Third game, only Andrew made his average and we sputtered to a halt, just 27 pins short of our opponents.

2 points overall.  Lame.

In addition, there were pizza frames on both the first (Bob) and second (Andrew) games, so we got to eat some pizza at half price for the two suckers.

Here are the scores:

Jen 126 160 124 Total: 410
Andrew 141 193 182 Total: 516
Bob 141 211 137 Total: 489
Brandon 167 205 184 Total: 556