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What a Way to Make a Mark

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Tonight was the last week of the first half of the Bill Porter Memorial League, the last chance to make a run at first place. Our awesome bowling last week and sweep of 7 points put us in second place coming into tonight. With two other teams tied with us for second and us one point out of first place, it was going to be a struggle. But it wasn’t just solely a battle with the the other teams, it was also a battle between Brandon and Andrew who were tied going into this week, and Bob, only three points behind them. Let the battle begin!!

We were teamed up with the Flying Pins, who had the same handicap as us, therefore, it was going to be a scratch game. We annihilated them in the first game beating them by over 100 pins. All four of us shot above our average and so Brandon and Andrew were still tied.

The second game was a different story, though. Both Bob and I fell apart and were each a little over 20 pins shy of our average. Brandon also failed to shoot his average. The only one of us that did was Andrew. Omigoodness, Andrew pulled into the lead! Because the three of us did not fare so well, we ended up giving the second game to the Flying Pins. Crap, we were hoping for a sweep in order to cinch first place. Now all we could do is hope that we win the third game and pray the other teams did not win 5 points.

The third game was a vast improvement and three out of four shot above our averages and we won the last game by 52 pins. Due to Andrew’s superior bowling skills and amount of trash-talking, Brandon couldn’t handle it and buckled under pressure. Andrew has triumphed and won the bet!!! Yeah Andrew!

Now, because of the closeness of the teams, we had to stick around and see how the other two teams fared against each other. BP’s House needed to win their third game big to come up with 3 points, and Chuck Bales came up big with a 247 to secure the overall against Abducted. With the third game in hand, we knew we were winner for the first half, which guaranteed us a chance to roll for first place in the league after the second half. We are a force to be reckoned with, I mean, really, we were the newbies on the league and now, they know they can’t mess with us or else we’ll strike with our fangs and our bowling balls! Tee-hee!

Go Team Snakes!!! HISSSS!!!

Flat out crazy-awesome night.

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

It’s getting close to the end of the first half, with next week being position round, so we knew we had to bowl well to close the gap between us and the teams ahead. Fortunately, we were able to bring our A+ game. Going up against Team 12, who was missing their third bowler and had to take his blind score, the Snakes struck again and again, with every member beating their average in every game, and 3 out of 4 getting their +50 bonus points. Brandon had nine in a row (aka “The Buffet”). I picked a 2-10 split (and came sooooo close on a bunch of others). I was hung in the third game pizza frame, so there will be pizza next week, courtesy of a bad split. We ended up beating Team 12 with our scratch score against their handicap — that’s how good this week was.

Jen 160 175 180 Total: 515
Andrew 172 180 170 Total: 522
Bob 231 167 194 Total: 592
Brandon 196 276 207 Total: 679