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Snakes Strike Again but Lose Ground on Abducted

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Following an impressive domination of the vacant team last week, SoaL hoped to continue on their winning ways. Sitting in second place, trailing Abducted by only 3 points, a good week could move us closer or into 1st place.


  1. Abducted 52 – 18
  2. SoaL 49 – 21
  3. Flying Pins 46 – 24
  4. BPs House 45 – 25
  5. Pops Family 43 – 27

Tonight, we were going up against Pops Family, the fifth place team, who trail us by only six points. A bad week and we could potentially fall to fifth place but we haven’t had a losing week yet, much less been swept. The first game didn’t get off to a good start for anybody and many marks were missed. Bob and Jenn eventually found their rhythm while Andrew and myself continued to struggle. I found my grove near the end but it was too late and I missed my average with Andrew. Pops ended up winning the first game by 31 pins.

The second game came a drastic change from the first and the first of us began to dominate. It wouldn’t matter that Pops improved on their first game by 20 pins because we jumped up by 165 pins and won game 2.

The third game ended up being a close one even though we all bowled pretty well in general. I ended up throwing what should have been 11 strikes in a row but the 10-pin was hating on me. The game came down to the 10th frame and we were slightly ahead. Andrew and Bob ended with a good finish leaving me to obtain just one mark for the win. I struck and secured SoaL the third game win and the series win, earning us another 5 points in the standings. However, the first place team, Abducted, won all 7 points and we fell another 2 points out of first place. We’re pretty happy though with our .720 winning %.

Jen, Andrew and I each earned two more points for the Bet and Bob ended up with 3.

Jen 159 187 148 Total: 444
Andrew 104 187 161 Total: 452
Bob 166 165 178 Total: 447
Brandon 173 228 222 Total: 623

Hello? Is Anyone Out There? We’re Still Here.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

So, it’s been a while since this has been updated with our bowling shenanigans. It’s not my fault, really, I blame Andrew for this. I mean, he started it with not posting for two weeks and so I had to follow him by not posting last week. Shameful, I know, but I’m a follower, that’s who I am. So, I won’t discuss last week’s bowling too much because I really don’t remember it at all. Except that I bowled my FIRST CLEAN GAME! How crazy awesome is that? My first game ever with no open frames at all. It was fantastic. And looking back on the scoresheet, it seemed like, overall, we bowled well as a team, enough to take 5 from the other team (who had really strong bowlers, they gave us pins).

This week, we bowled against the blind, which was great because we didn’t have to deal with people so we were able to concentrate on our own bowling. The only thing we had to do was be within 40 pins of our team average to win points. The first game was easy-peasy, considering I bowled a 205 (54 pins above my average!) and Brandon was 56 pins above his average with a 246. The man can never let me beat him in bowling, damn him. Now the second and third games for me were shit, you wouldn’t have thought I could bowl a 205 with the way I bowled the other two games. Thankfully, Andrew, Brandon and Bob picked up the slack for me. Andrew had a great last game, earning himself a 223, which means that he’s still in the lead on our Bet, but Brandon is only one point behind. Andrew, you better watch out, Brandon’s gunning for you! So, we were well within 40 pins of our average all three games, which means we won 7 points. The Snakes are a force to be reckoned with. HISSSSS!

Jen 205 133 126 Total: 464
Andrew 157 159 223 Total: 539
Bob 148 153 146 Total: 447
Brandon 246 245 203 Total: 694