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Pre-Bowling for the Sherrons

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

This week, Bob and I had to pre-bowl because we had tickets to the Death Cab for Cutie concert. When we got there and started bowling, we knew right away the lane conditions were not comparable to what we were used to on Monday nights. It agreed with Bob because right away, he started off with a bang and churned out a 194. Holy cow, I think that was 50 pins above his average! I was pretty even-keeled and bowled just a tad shy above my average which means 1 point for me. Bob tripped up in the second game but I made up for his poor showing. During the third game, though, I was starting to get tired and didn’t achieve my average (I mean, I biked 20 miles before bowling and was stinky). It wasn’t too bad, though, so Brandon and Andrew, let’s get 7 points this week!

Jen 150 173 141 Total: 464
Bob 194 132 157 Total: 483

Oh, and by the way, we both struck in the fifth frames during the first two games so the Pizza Frame is still on!

For the Win…No, Not Really

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

This week’s bowling was a bit disappointing. After a excellent start in the first game in which the Snakes destroyed JDMC by 90 pins and a fairly strong second game, we decided to f*@k it up and give the rival team not only the last game but the overall pins as well. Damn. I guess the only upside to this week was that Brandon got stuck with the pizza frame but since we all ate dinner, we just had him buy a chicken tender dinner in which Bob, Andrew and I shared. Mental note: do not eat dinner before bowling in case of a pizza.

Jen 169 170 111 Total: 450
Andrew 178 146 142 Total: 466
Bob 156 132 170 Total: 450
Brandon 193 162 160 Total: 515