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It is Almost Over!

Friday, April 11th, 2008

After a huge scare last week in which I allowed Brandon to come with one point of me in the Bet, I kicked it up a notch and bowled my booty off. We started off well, with two of us bowling over our averages and two just shy of it. But we couldn’t overcome the Fabulous 4 with one teammate bowling 44 pins over his average. That was okay, though, we still had a potential to win 5 points. Second game: we all bowled over our averages (it’s been a long, long time since that has happened) and for sure we thought we had them but somehow, they got that game as well. Let’s just try and get at least two points…we can do it. Last game, two of us bowled over our averages and two did not so when the other team earned two points, we couldn’t blame anybody but ourselves for our disappointing showing. Lost 7 points, very sad.

So while Brandon was pouting, he put Bob in charge of adding up the scores and that was when things got interesting. Bob couldn’t figure out why the numbers weren’t adding up to what was on the screen.  Apparently he had drank a bit too much beer.  After quite of bit of chattering, we found out that the other team had put their handicap in the computer incorrectly, thereby giving themselves more of a handicap, which means…we really won 5 points! Woo-hoo! We’re not losers after all. Hopefully, these points will keep us in the top  because we want to win some money!

And by the way, because of my awesomeness at bowling, I am now five points ahead of Brandon in the Bet.  Let’s hope I don’t eff it up in the last week of bowling.