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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Week 13

  • Us – 7
  • Pin Bandits – 0
  • 1st Game: Bob only bowler over average and our saving grace. SoaL squeaks out a victory by a mear 30 or so pins.
  • 2nd Game: Bob again over average, Brandon remembers his sweet spot. SoaL dominates by 100
  • 3rd Game: After two pretty lousy games, Andrew rebounds to get average. Brandon continues to roll. SoaL again trounces by 100.
  • The Bet: Brandon – 4, Bob – 3, Andrew – 1, and Jen – 0

Week 13

That’s Flash-tastic!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

This week, Snakes on a Lane was paired up with the third place team, Da Crew, and we knew that it was going to be a tough match so we put our game faces on and marched out there to do some bowling. Apparently, someone forgot to tell Da Crew as we ran rough shod over them in the first two games. We had a couple of tricks up our sleeves to help us: 1) I brought in my Snickerdoodles to share and 2) we had the women’s college basketball game on. Clearly, these had an effect on the team, Frank was mesmerized by the game and the rest of the team by my awesome baking skills (I had to contribute something because my bowling was hindering the team). I guess I’ll have to give some credit to Andrew, FOR BOWLING HIS ASS OFF, AGAIN! Andrew has finally come out of his shell and decided after 45 weeks, it was time to stop hustling us. He now has the highest series on our team, was the first one to earn himself 6 points in one night and is definitely in contention for a dinner out on the rest of us. It was another uninspiring night for me, earning only one point to my total, which means, still in last place. Bob decided that he couldn’t let Andrew become the point leader so he bowled 199 and 192 to keep him at bay. Brandon’s week was okay, he beat his average in the first game, but decided that he didn’t want to bowl in the second game. Once he cracked open a beer, all was right in the world and he was able to snag another point (by one pin).

Jen 136 158 125 Total: 419
Flash 201 223 223 Total: 647
Bob 199 192 156 Total: 547
Brandon 204 143 190 Total: 537

There shall be no self-sacrifice

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

No falling on your own sword. I won’t allow you to deduct two points from your total. Mainly because I wouldn’t want to end up winning like that. You can keep your points. Hopefully, I’ll still make you struggle for the 1st half win. Just know that your win is tainted by your shadiness. And next time, Noonan the OTHER team.

Trounced by KNC

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

This week was a tough one. We went up against KNC, a team ahead of us in the standings, but one whom we had bowled well against in the past. We were pretty even in handicap, so this was going to be a shootout.

First game, Candy on KNC dropped 7 strikes in a row on us en route to a 191. Her average is 136, so you can see where this is going. Jen beat her average by 20 and Bob by 16, but Andrew fell short by 16 and Brandon came in 57 pins under average with a 133. We lost the first game by 90 pins. Ouch.

Second game was much better. Jen struggled to a 125, but Andrew got on the board with a 178, Bob put the hammer down for a 213 and Brandon rebounded by a hundred pins for a 233. We won the second game by 99 pins.

This set us up for the third game, which was nearly a complete washout. Jen stormed back with a 149, but Andrew, Bob, and Brandon all came in under average. We lost the game by 85 to lose the overall by 76. Oy vey.

Also, this night was marred by poor sportsmanship on behalf of your author. As Brandon stepped to the line with the game and series all out of hand, but needing three strikes in the 10th to make his average, he was mercilessly Noonaned. While I was trying to be funny, it was not well received. Sorry about that. Said Noonaning has resulted in a 2 point penalty for Bob in The Bet.

Jen 160 125 149 Total: 434
Flash 153 178 166 Total: 497
Bob 178 213 142 Total: 533
Brandon 133 233 174 Total: 540