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Week 5 (oops!)

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Week 5
Ok, so I didn’t get around to posting the Week 5 results. My bad. Week 5 was a mediocre week for SoaL. As you know Bob and Jenn pre-bowling and did a decent job, coming up big in the first game. Jen rolled a season high 191 and Bob a not-to-shabby 177. Andrew was also aces matching Jen’s 191 and I rolled my season high 247. Combine with our handicap, SoaL shot 931 good enough for the League high handicap game.

And it was pretty much down hill from there. While Bob and Andrew stayed consistent, Jen and I ran out of gas. Of course, the second and third game came down to the wire, meaning that the pressure was on my shoulders to pull us through. For the second game, eve though I was bowling pretty lousy after just throwing a 247, I only need the first strike to pull off an undeserved win. Without sounding overly cocky, I’m usually pretty clutch in close situations. Well, so much for that. I missed the strike and even missed the spare and SoaL lost by seven pins. Jen: 133 Andrew: 183 Bob: 162 Brandon: 160

The third game was pretty much the same situation. Bob and Andrew good, Jen and Brandon Mediocre. It again came down to the anchor bowlers. I needed the first two strikes plus to lock it out. Ball 1 was a perfect pocket shot. 1 down, 1 to go. Ball 2 was also pretty, however that dreaded 10 pin stood laughing at me. Damn, we can’t win. However, we could tie if I pick it. So I showed that fucker who was boss and we tied. Jen: 131 Andrew: 188 Bob: 163 Brandon: 181

So, with a win, a loss, a tie, and a series win; SoaL ended up with 4 points. Also, Jen and I would pick up 2 points towards the bet, while Bob and Andrew got 3. So far, after two weeks of the bet, Brandon and Bob are tied for the lead.

Week 6 to come tomorrow.


Sunday, September 30th, 2007

So you guys failed to post for your half of last week. What’s up with that? We gave you one job. ONE JOB!


Monday, September 17th, 2007

Jen and I are going away for the weekend to Rochester, NY to attend Kristy and Dermot’s wedding. Even though we’re scheduled to be back in time for bowling, our expectations for flight timeliness are very low. Consequently, we decided to prebowl. Olivette was half empty, so we didn’t have to worry about taking up lanes, and with just the two of us it went really quick.

Jen started out on fire, beating me in the first game while collecting two points on The Bet. I came back and got her in the last two games, and picked up points in all three.

All in all, I say it was a pretty decent effort.

Jen 191 133 131 Total: 455 2 Points
Bob 177 162 163 Total: 495 3 Points

Let the Game Begin!

Monday, September 17th, 2007

So this week saw the beginning of The Bet, in which the person who beats their average the most in each half of the season wins a dinner out to any restaurant on the three losers. This gave us all the added incentive to perform well and added fuel to the shit talking. As far as the bowling was concerned, the team did pretty well. We won 5 points out of 7, dropping the only third game when everyone except Brandon failed to meet their averages.

So, overall, pretty nice work.

And now, just because we can, Brandon worked up a Google Spreadsheet that details our scores, averages, and the point totals that have been accumulated up to now. It can be viewed here: SoaL 2007-2008 Stats.

Awesome job, Brandon!

And THAT’S why we call him the captain.

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

OK, so this week started off pretty lousy. Two new teams joined the league, so the schedule was changed, which means that last week, we didn’t really bowl the team we bowled last week. So instead of winning 5 points, we’re winning 2 points last week. Bullshit, right?

Oh well.

Anyway, once we moved past the drama, we got down to bowling. We faced the Predators this weekend, and not even their heat seeking vision could the overcome two of their bowlers being absent and rolling blind (10 pins beneath average for each blind bowler). The first game, Snakes struck quickly, with everyone beating their average en route to a 825 handicap game to win by 77 pins. Second game was also pretty decent, with 3/4 besting their average and Predators bottoming out to end up with a 778 – 685 victory for the Snakes.

Third game was highly dramatic though. Jen, Bob and Andrew all bowled beneath their averages. Jen by 4 pins, Bob by 7, and Andrew by 73. No, that was not a typo. Andrew, who has been on fire this season, carried a 173 average into tonight. His first two games were 182 and 190. Awesome, right? Well, he ended up with a 100 on the button. Sheesh.

The game came down to the final bowlers, Will for the Predators and Brandon for Snakes. The Predators were ahead by 10 pins with Will on a spare and Brandon on a strike. That meant that Brandon had to strike out the 10th frame to guarantee a tie for the third game if Will struck out.

Brandon, first ball: STIRKE (yes!)
Will, first ball: STRIKE (oh crap oh crap)
Brandon, second ball: STRIKE (yes, yes, yes!)
Will, second ball: 8 (oh yes, holy crap, Brandon, keep it out of the gutter)
Brandon, third ball: STRIKE (OMG!!!!1!1!)
Will, third ball: spare

So, we won by 10 in the final game. Brandon saved his best bowling for the finale, rolling a 221, his best game of the year thus far. Snakes took all seven points. High fives around!

Next week, we start the bet. Of course, we know Andrew dropped that C-Note on us that third game to bring his average down to help with the bet. Regardless of his blatant sandbagging, we will be ready to roll next Sunday.


Jen 154 123 138 Total: 415
Flash 182 190 100 Total: 472
Bob 172 161 143 Total: 476
Brandon 188 175 221 Total: 584