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Snakes continue to improve, new personal bests, the bet of the season

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
  • Jen         146  192  172     510 

  • Andrew   180  154  176     510 

  • Bob        187  212  204     603 

  • Brandon  247  202  253     702 

After an amazing week 1, when somehow RABC magically transformed into SoaL giving the team a boost in skillz, week 2 was even better.  Every snake improved their average as the snakes have their best week ever (including the summer season dba RABC).  Jen’s average is up 18 sticks over last season, Bob is up 30 pins, Brandon up 26, and Andrew is up 32!  Andrew rolled his first 500, Bob rolled his first 600, and Brandon rolled his first 700.  SoaL won all seven points and are now 12 and 2 on the season (.857 winning %). 

Last season, I challenged Andrew to get better and better by giving him a simple deal.  All he had to do was beat me one game during the season.  If he did, I would let him kick me in the nuts.  I was pretty confident that it wouldn’t happen; being Andrew is a 1st year bowler.  Week after week, Andrew got better and was closing in on me, sometimes making it too close for comfort.  During the final week, which was sweepstakes with nothing riding of if we won or lost, Andrew did squeeze out a few more pins then me the very last game of the season.  

So this season, we came up with another bet to push us both.  The wager:  Andrew has 34 weeks (102 games) to beat me 3 times.  It doesn’t have to be three games in one week, just 3 games over the course of the season.  The payoff:  If he does beat me three games, at the end of the season I will shave my head AND goatee.  Those who know me the best, probably have never seen me without a goatee.  If he doesn’t complete the bet, he will shave his head.  Those who know Andrew, know that he will probably look strange with no hair.  Again, I’m pretty confident that I can hold out and win this bet.  6 games down, 96 to go.

Hello World!

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Well, the summer season is over, no more practice.  Its time to get down to business and bowl like I know we can.  After switching from Wednesday night leagues to Thursday nights, then to Tuesday nights, then to Monday nights, we finally ended up on the Sunday night league at Olivette.  And when I say we, I am referring to the team formally known as the Rushmore Academy Bowling Club.  For this season, we have decided to make a change to the name, to pay homage to the latest and greatest movie that will change the lives of many.  The new team name:    SNAKES ON A LANE.  Damn right, Snakes on a Mothafuckin’ Lane.

Last night was the first week of the 34-week season and the Snakes came out biting.  With more competitive bowlers and little room for error, we knew we had to step it up.  The old cats in this league aren’t there for fun, they are there to show you what 30+ years of experience looks like.  Well, we had something to show them too.  SNAKES ON A MOTHAFUCKIN’ LANE!

  • Jen          146  172  147     Avg.  155
  • Andrew    199  135  169     Avg.  168
  • Bob         167  147  232     Avg.  182
  • Brandon   215  198  184     Avg.  199

Look at my protégé, Andrew.  Stepping it up (but losing us handicap).  I let the man use my hammer and he starts tearing it up.  But, the entire team came out and rolled their asses off, winning 5 of 7 points after handicap was factored in.  Another thing to note, last season we were getting about 230 pins handicap per game (90% of 220).  This season, we are starting off with just 77 pins per game (80% of 800 team game).