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Week 5 (oops!)

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Week 5
Ok, so I didn’t get around to posting the Week 5 results. My bad. Week 5 was a mediocre week for SoaL. As you know Bob and Jenn pre-bowling and did a decent job, coming up big in the first game. Jen rolled a season high 191 and Bob a not-to-shabby 177. Andrew was also aces matching Jen’s 191 and I rolled my season high 247. Combine with our handicap, SoaL shot 931 good enough for the League high handicap game.

And it was pretty much down hill from there. While Bob and Andrew stayed consistent, Jen and I ran out of gas. Of course, the second and third game came down to the wire, meaning that the pressure was on my shoulders to pull us through. For the second game, eve though I was bowling pretty lousy after just throwing a 247, I only need the first strike to pull off an undeserved win. Without sounding overly cocky, I’m usually pretty clutch in close situations. Well, so much for that. I missed the strike and even missed the spare and SoaL lost by seven pins. Jen: 133 Andrew: 183 Bob: 162 Brandon: 160

The third game was pretty much the same situation. Bob and Andrew good, Jen and Brandon Mediocre. It again came down to the anchor bowlers. I needed the first two strikes plus to lock it out. Ball 1 was a perfect pocket shot. 1 down, 1 to go. Ball 2 was also pretty, however that dreaded 10 pin stood laughing at me. Damn, we can’t win. However, we could tie if I pick it. So I showed that fucker who was boss and we tied. Jen: 131 Andrew: 188 Bob: 163 Brandon: 181

So, with a win, a loss, a tie, and a series win; SoaL ended up with 4 points. Also, Jen and I would pick up 2 points towards the bet, while Bob and Andrew got 3. So far, after two weeks of the bet, Brandon and Bob are tied for the lead.

Week 6 to come tomorrow.