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Due To Technical Difficulties…

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

This week’s bowling has been interesting and not in a good way. Because of a faulty lanes we are still in the middle if the second game. Every time someone throws on lane 43, it registers a gutterball on lane 44. Oy vey.

Ok, it looks like we’re going to get them to move us to lanes that work properly. Update soon.

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*** OK ***

Now it’s the next day. Live blogging is fun, but once we moved lanes we were trying to hurry along: no time for shenanigans. Anyway. The lanes conspired against us, I am terrible at bowling, and we lost all three games. Arg.

Jen 152 172 178 Total: 502
Flash 180 140 176 Total: 496
Bob 122 152 140 Total: 414
Brandon 192 207 179 Total: 578

A Tale Of Two Teams

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Man, this week was tough. There were more ups and downs than episode of Behind the Music.  First game, no one made our average and we lost by 121 pins. Second game, we all made our average, had 5 straight snake attacks and won by 122 pins. Third game, only Andrew made his average and we sputtered to a halt, just 27 pins short of our opponents.

2 points overall.  Lame.

In addition, there were pizza frames on both the first (Bob) and second (Andrew) games, so we got to eat some pizza at half price for the two suckers.

Here are the scores:

Jen 126 160 124 Total: 410
Andrew 141 193 182 Total: 516
Bob 141 211 137 Total: 489
Brandon 167 205 184 Total: 556

For the Win…No, Not Really

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

This week’s bowling was a bit disappointing. After a excellent start in the first game in which the Snakes destroyed JDMC by 90 pins and a fairly strong second game, we decided to f*@k it up and give the rival team not only the last game but the overall pins as well. Damn. I guess the only upside to this week was that Brandon got stuck with the pizza frame but since we all ate dinner, we just had him buy a chicken tender dinner in which Bob, Andrew and I shared. Mental note: do not eat dinner before bowling in case of a pizza.

Jen 169 170 111 Total: 450
Andrew 178 146 142 Total: 466
Bob 156 132 170 Total: 450
Brandon 193 162 160 Total: 515

First Post of the Season!

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Yea! Snakes on a Lane are back and we’re ready to strike! (Get it? Bowling? Strikes? Snakes? They strike? Tee-hee, har-har, I’m so funny!) Okay, so after some drama last Tuesday, we have finally settled on a Monday night league at Strike-n-Spare called the Bill Porter Memorial League. I have no idea who Bill Porter was and tried looking him up but with no avail. Oh, well. It’s a league and we get to bowl.

After four months of not bowling for all of us, it was not a good start to the season, or maybe it was, meaning a huge handicap. I’ll put it in perspective for you how bad it was on our first night out on the lanes. Now, remember, we haven’t bowled seriously in four months and this is a new house, but really?

Brandon – Last season: 192 average. Monday night: 163 average.
Andrew – Last season: 166 average. Monday night: 129 average.
Bob – Last season: 171 average. Monday night: 154 average.
Jen – Last season: 149 average. Monday night: 160 average.

Apparently, I was the only one who decided to show up to bowl that night. Now, Brandon mentioned that he bowled terribly with his other league so his average here is very close to his average at the other house. Bob only pulled out a 154 average because he decided to remember how to bowl and bowled a 202 in his last game. Andrew, poor Andrew. He reverted back to how he was when we first bowled together 2 1/2 years ago, which was VERY POORLY.

Okay, it was the first week and somehow we still pulled off 5 points. But you guys are not slight of build so I can’t carry you through the rest of the season, I’m only 5’3 and *** pounds! :-)

Jen 156 175 149 Total: 480
Andrew 128 161 98 Total: 387
Bob 138 123 202 Total: 463
Brandon 158 179 152 Total: 489

The Reign of Terror is Over

Monday, February 11th, 2008

After several weeks of being #1, SOAL succumbed to the pressure of being so good and lost 7 straight points this past week. It could be that we had a week off, the bitter cold or that one of our members was missing. We couldn’t pinpoint why we got our butts kicked, the fact is that we did. It all started off with Bob’s terrible showing during his pre-bowl. If he hadn’t have bowled beforehand, we may have had a chance. A dismal three games in which he was unable to attain his average. After hearing his scores, we were a bit shook up when we walked into the bowling alley to face Taking Care of Business. Well, not only did we have to bowl against a team in which we had to give them 87 pins, they were the second place team, only 4 points behind us. Damn. We came pretty close the first game which meant that they were beatable. It helped that Brandon bowled a 225 and I bowled a 163, that boosted Andrew’s poor 139 and Bob’s 131. But that wasn’t enough and we lost by 13 pins. We were annihilated in second and it was due to Butt Crack’s 244 (every time this guy bowls, you see his butt crack and I don’t mean a little bit, I mean his whole ass is hanging out, ewwww). That was 98 pins above his average. Yeah, we had no chance. We even improved on the last game, the other team just bowled better than us. But I did score 184, which was the highest score out of everyone in the third game (yea me). That meant we fell to 2nd place, but I have faith that we can regain the #1 position. In the end, I ended up with 4 points, Brandon 3, and Andrew and Bob received 0 points. It’s time for me to gloat a bit, I’m pulling ahead!!!

Trounced by KNC

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

This week was a tough one. We went up against KNC, a team ahead of us in the standings, but one whom we had bowled well against in the past. We were pretty even in handicap, so this was going to be a shootout.

First game, Candy on KNC dropped 7 strikes in a row on us en route to a 191. Her average is 136, so you can see where this is going. Jen beat her average by 20 and Bob by 16, but Andrew fell short by 16 and Brandon came in 57 pins under average with a 133. We lost the first game by 90 pins. Ouch.

Second game was much better. Jen struggled to a 125, but Andrew got on the board with a 178, Bob put the hammer down for a 213 and Brandon rebounded by a hundred pins for a 233. We won the second game by 99 pins.

This set us up for the third game, which was nearly a complete washout. Jen stormed back with a 149, but Andrew, Bob, and Brandon all came in under average. We lost the game by 85 to lose the overall by 76. Oy vey.

Also, this night was marred by poor sportsmanship on behalf of your author. As Brandon stepped to the line with the game and series all out of hand, but needing three strikes in the 10th to make his average, he was mercilessly Noonaned. While I was trying to be funny, it was not well received. Sorry about that. Said Noonaning has resulted in a 2 point penalty for Bob in The Bet.

Jen 160 125 149 Total: 434
Flash 153 178 166 Total: 497
Bob 178 213 142 Total: 533
Brandon 133 233 174 Total: 540

From High to Low

Monday, October 29th, 2007

With last week’s sweep of seven points, we came in ready to repeat this week, but alas, that was not to be. Jen did not hit her average in all three games, due to her not being able to adjust to the crappy lane conditions and her debilitating headache. Andrew was overcome with the curse of the first 600 series. He started off a bit weak but was able to rally to get two points in the last two games. Bob had a tough week as well, only achieving one point and in the process, lost what little self-respect he had left. Brandon didn’t do so bad, with a couple of 200 games, earning himself two points and closing the gap between him and Bob.With our poor bowling skills, our opponents sufficiently trounced us in the first two games by at least 70+ pins. But all was not lost for we were able to squeak by and take the third game from them, earning us two points for the league. Two points are better than none.

Jen 139 111 124 Total: 374
Andrew 137 171 187 Total: 495
Bob 160 169 143 Total: 472
Brandon 201 206 178 Total: 585

Oof, that was a whoopin’ – Week 7.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

So we went up against the team Smooth as Silk last night, with CJ subbing in for Alma. And even though Dave was below his average all three games (must be his new jeans), Will Wrench dropped a 667 on us and they took 5 points.

As far as our team was concerned, each member of The Snakes had one good game except Brandon, who was consistently just below average all night. Jen (via her prebowl — she was coming back from a company sponsored trip to Vegas) bested her average by 11 in the first game to nab a single point for the week. Andrew and I both gagged horribly (111 and 132, respectively) and Brandon missed his average by 13, so we lost the first game by 142. Oof. I got on a roll in the second game, dropping a 224 to nab two points in the bet and two points for the team as we beat them 786 – 750. Jen fell just one pin short of her average there (ouch). In the third game, Andrew snuck onto the score sheet with a 175 (3 over average) in, but Jen and I limped in with a 117 and 141 and Brandon tied his average (double ouch) and we lost the third game by 23.

Oy vey. Better luck next week.

Jen 150 138 117 Total: 405
Flash 111 130 175 Total: 416
Bob 132 224 141 Total: 497
Brandon 175 181 188 Total: 544

Return of Snakes on a Lane

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Welcome back, SOAL. Since starting this blog almost a year ago, we have only posted TWICE. I have come to the conclusion that these three guys are blog-lazy (as you can see from their personal blogs) and decided that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Something new this year: instead of Brandon and Andrew having a bet amongst themselves, we have all agreed to a little competition, which we will go into detail in a later post. So, this blog will be a record of not only our weekly scores but also a place to see who is leading in points.

The first week of bowling was truly ugly for 75% of the team. I think it had something to do with not bowling for the last four months, but it’s okay, we have 32 more weeks to bring our averages up. The only person who really bowled well was Andrew and he is now has the highest average on SOAL, usurping Brandon. Way to carry the team, Andrew! And no, we were not sandbagging, I don’t think we could have done this bad even if we were trying.

Jen 144 135 134 Avg: 138
Flash 163 169 198 Avg: 177
Bob 155 127 134 Avg: 139
Brandon 151 174 174 Avg: 166

Just to let you know how bad we did. Last year, we had a 77 pin handicap, this year, 145 pins. Yeah, not so good. But I have faith in our team, we will triumph!