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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Well, the summer season is over, no more practice.  Its time to get down to business and bowl like I know we can.  After switching from Wednesday night leagues to Thursday nights, then to Tuesday nights, then to Monday nights, we finally ended up on the Sunday night league at Olivette.  And when I say we, I am referring to the team formally known as the Rushmore Academy Bowling Club.  For this season, we have decided to make a change to the name, to pay homage to the latest and greatest movie that will change the lives of many.  The new team name:    SNAKES ON A LANE.  Damn right, Snakes on a Mothafuckin’ Lane.

Last night was the first week of the 34-week season and the Snakes came out biting.  With more competitive bowlers and little room for error, we knew we had to step it up.  The old cats in this league aren’t there for fun, they are there to show you what 30+ years of experience looks like.  Well, we had something to show them too.  SNAKES ON A MOTHAFUCKIN’ LANE!

  • Jen          146  172  147     Avg.  155
  • Andrew    199  135  169     Avg.  168
  • Bob         167  147  232     Avg.  182
  • Brandon   215  198  184     Avg.  199

Look at my protégé, Andrew.  Stepping it up (but losing us handicap).  I let the man use my hammer and he starts tearing it up.  But, the entire team came out and rolled their asses off, winning 5 of 7 points after handicap was factored in.  Another thing to note, last season we were getting about 230 pins handicap per game (90% of 220).  This season, we are starting off with just 77 pins per game (80% of 800 team game).