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Week 27 Results

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Well we weren’t able to pick up the win in the third game either but we won by enough in the first game that we still won overall total, picking up 3 points on the night. The snakes haven’t been doing so hot as of late and will probably fall to 9th or 10th place with next week’s standings. It’s a good thing that we won first place in the first half.

Jen 155 110 150 Total: 415
Flash 164 168 146 Total: 478
Bob 184 174 161 Total: 519
Brandon 193 167 206 Total: 566

Bob was able to pick up three points, narrowly missing the bonus two points by only five pins. Andrew was able to pick up two and Brandon one while the leader, Jen, came away empty handed. With only four or five weeks left, it looks like it will come down to the wire again.

The Pizza Frame

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

This week we implemented the “Pizza Frame” policy. What is the “Pizza Frame,” you ask? Well, here’s the answer! In the fifth frame of a game, if three out of four of us bowls a strike, the person who fails must buy the pizza for that week, hence the “Pizza Frame”. I don’t remember how this all started, it’s not an official USBC thing, it’s a Snakes on a Lane thing. We must do what we can to entertain ourselves.

Poor Bob, he was the first victim of the “Pizza Frame” during the second game so he treated us to a pepperoni pizza. I have to say, for bowling alley pizza, it wasn’t bad. A lot of grease but a handful of napkins soaks that right up. Even with the extra fuel, we only took four out of seven points from Team12. I’m sure it had something to do with me throwing a couple of gutterballs, oh vey, I’m so ashamed. I do have to say one thing though, it seems like we are settling into a more comfortable routine. Andrew and Brandon have improved immensely this week while Bob and I faltered a wee bit. It’s only one more week until we start our Bet again so I better shape up.

Jen 170 142 135 Total: 447
Andrew 144 125 184 Total: 453
Bob 154 105 127 Total: 386
Brandon 174 243 201 Total: 618

Breaking Out Our Dance Moves

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

This week we bowled against KNC, a team that is intense with their bowling and with their ability to have a good time. We started off with a bang, capitalizing on their slow start and our 61 pin handicap advantage. We took the first game, giving us a bit of a confidence boost. The second game was not as pretty as the first, due in part to my 134 and Joel, on the other team, bowling a 265. Boo me for being so bad and boo him for being so good. As we started the third game, Mel gave the signal to Brad at the front desk to kick out the jams with a mix CD of early 90′s techno and hip hop super hits. Tag Team, Naughty by Nature, 2 Live Crew, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, and that one song from Bring It On (you know, the one with the spirit fingers) provided the soundtrack for some awesome bowling. 7 of the 8 bowlers beat their averages with Brandon hitting a 225 and Joel on the other team dropping a 268 on us (for a 714 series(!)). Not content with simply scoring well, I started a trend by booty shaking after a spare pickup. One thing led to another and soon everyone was doing their strike dance (or spare dance). We even go the old stick in the mud Rich to show us his Tootsie Roll after a particularly emphatic strike. Unfortunately, our dance moves were not enough to prevail in the third game. We kept close enough to win the overall score, though, which was nice.

I am a little worried now because my lead was trimmed by one point tonight. It seems that Brandon is very intent on not going to afternoon tea and would like to have lunch at the Penthouse Club, instead. What? You would rather have boobs than tea and crumpets? That’s crazy talk. Oh, no, there will be no nekkid booby-shaking my way, the gauntlet has been thrown, I must not lose my dignity.

Jen 172 134 182 Total: 488
Andrew 133 166 169 Total: 468
Bob 165 169 183 Total: 517
Brandon 243 204 224 Total: 671


Sunday, February 24th, 2008

This week we bowled really quickly. The entire other team and Brandon had prebowled due to the Daytona 500 being that Sunday afternoon; evidently it’s some sort of holiday for a particular demographic. The Rockets had prebowled pretty well, but we weren’t too concerned with the lead Brandon gave us. Of course, Andrew and I fucked it up.

We lost the first game, with none of us beating our averages (I came closest, tying my average for no points). If we had bowled against a blind, we still wouldn’t have won that game. The second game, Jen and Brandon carried us, with each of them being 30+ pins over their average. Thankfully, the Rockets tanked the second game and we won by one pin more than we lost in the first game. So teamwise, we each have two points, and we have a 1 pin lead in the overall after the first two games. We knew the third game would be a challenge with the Rockets rolling an 830, but with Brandon’s 244 and Jen’s 180, we felt like we were in good position. It came down to the tenth frame for me. I got a spare to start the frame, then I needed 7 to win outright. I tugged it for a 6. We tied the third game, splitting that point, and won the overall by 1 pin. So we ended up 4-3 this week, but it feels like a loss. Oy.

Jen 134 184 180 Total: 498
Flash 130 114 140 Total: 384
Bob 170 145 165 Total: 480
Brandon 171 220 244 Total: 635

How to screw up a sure thing

Monday, January 14th, 2008

The snakes come into week 21 with a record of 23 and 5, sitting in first place by 4 points. Anticipations where high to remain in first, fueled by our desire to not give up any points to Delaney’s team (alleged wife beater last season who has become a much nicer person in public this season). As everybody knows from the previous post, Bob and Jen prebowled and did pretty well. Also, in our favor, was that we got 67 pins each game in handicap from The Rednecks. So, throw all that in a bowl and stir and what you get is hopefully 7 easy points.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, that is not how the night would unfold. The first game appeared to be going in our favor, eeven though Andrew and myself were bowling like shit. Not getting strikes and hitting way too many splits. Then, Delaney of the Rednecks strings 5 or 6 in a row, including all 3 in the 10th. The game just kept slipping away and the two of us just couldn’t get a grip on it. The Rednecks would take game one by 39 pins.

The second game was better, merely due to the fact that The Rednecks start bowling shitty. Also, the lanes started to act retarded. Pocket shots would leave splits and head-on shots would blow up. However, the game was again slipping away and there wasn’t anything that Andrew or I could do. We just didn’t have it. The Rednecks would again win, by 3 pins. We won’t mention that I opened in the 10th, meaning that had I not, we would have won.

The third game was much better as Andrew and I started throwing what the house apparently wanted, head on and Brooklyn shots. The snakes needed to win by 43 pins to take home 3 points on the night. Andrew and I would eventually hit a stride that should never had worked, but luck was in our favor. Even though Jessica was 70 pins over her 154 average, Bob put up a huge number to give us a big ass cushion in the 3rd game. The other Rednecks would falter and shoot under average. The snakes won the 3rd game…………..by 108 pins. We shot 785 scratch, which is higher than the previous 2 games handicapped totals.

So overall, we won 3 points, which is not at all what we wanted. However, knowing that we were in first place by 4 points and we won 3 points, the worst position we could fall to is TIED for first place.

Bob and Jen, Andrew and I are sorry………

Second Half Starts off with a shrug

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Well, we won four points this week against Lethal Weapon, who were missing their lady who was recovering from heart surgery. The first two games showed some pretty mediocre bowling for most. In the third game, Lethal Weapon woke up and destroyed us to get the point for overall score, as the first two games were pretty close.

So, yeah, it started off ok. Not good, but at least we got some points.

Brandon, please update the spreadsheet to handle the second half scores…

Jen 133 156 140 Total: 429
Flash 148 163 160 Total: 471
Bob 192 192 167 Total: 551
Brandon 151 156 164 Total: 471

Week eight, two weeks late

Friday, October 26th, 2007

OK, so it took me a little longer than it should have to write the update for this week. Sorry. Anyway, since I can’t remember exactly what happened, here’s what I have surmised from the stats:

Jen did awesome, beating her average by over 25 pins the first two games, netting her four points in the bet. I did not do awesome, and ended up with only one point. Bob started the night with a game two pins under his average and steadily climbed from there, getting one point the second game and two the third. Brandon did exactly the opposite, getting two, one, and zero points respectively.

Week 6 Review

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Well, week 6 was definately a down week from the team stand point. Going up against Spare parts, 8th place (18-17), proved rather difficult. Not only did we give them 60 sticks a game in handicap, but their 169 average bowler rolled his ass off. Actually, looking at the score sheet, all members of Spare parts were well over average. Damn sand-baggers. Haha, ok, thats just a shitty excuse for losing and I refuse to use it. We lost because we didn’t bowl well enough.

The first game was pretty close. While SoaL bowled around average or slightly over, Spare Parts was 82 pins over average. As I said before, add that to the 60 we game them, it makes it a struggle to keep up. However, we only lost by 31 pins. Jen: 158 Andrew: 167 Bob: 156 Brandon: 208

The second game, SoaL took a beating and lost by 66 bones. Andrew bounced back to hit his average while Bob and Brandon were pretty consistent. Jen fell asleep in the bathroom and missed four frames. Hehe. Jen: 95 Andrew: 182 Bob: 159 Brandon: 202

The third game, SoaL would seek revenge. SoaL will not be shut out, will not go home beaten, will not be embarrassed! Andrew again bowled over his average and Brandon as well, barely. Bob blew up and rolled 44 over his average, earning him an extra point for the bet. Jen, refreshed from her nap fought to get back to average but fell one point short. SoaL would win by 45 pins and take two points for the week. Jen: 140 Andrew: 182 Bob: 200 Brandon: 188.

And for the bet? Well, Bob’s big game puts him in the lead by one point. And while he seems pretty confident that he will remain the leader, we must remind him that there are still 9 weeks or so left of this contest. And I’m starting to hit my stride. Jen seems to have accepted that she will not win and is now rooting for Bob. And Andrew isn’t far behind and could make a push for that leader’s spot.

1st Half Point Totals

Week 5 (oops!)

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Week 5
Ok, so I didn’t get around to posting the Week 5 results. My bad. Week 5 was a mediocre week for SoaL. As you know Bob and Jenn pre-bowling and did a decent job, coming up big in the first game. Jen rolled a season high 191 and Bob a not-to-shabby 177. Andrew was also aces matching Jen’s 191 and I rolled my season high 247. Combine with our handicap, SoaL shot 931 good enough for the League high handicap game.

And it was pretty much down hill from there. While Bob and Andrew stayed consistent, Jen and I ran out of gas. Of course, the second and third game came down to the wire, meaning that the pressure was on my shoulders to pull us through. For the second game, eve though I was bowling pretty lousy after just throwing a 247, I only need the first strike to pull off an undeserved win. Without sounding overly cocky, I’m usually pretty clutch in close situations. Well, so much for that. I missed the strike and even missed the spare and SoaL lost by seven pins. Jen: 133 Andrew: 183 Bob: 162 Brandon: 160

The third game was pretty much the same situation. Bob and Andrew good, Jen and Brandon Mediocre. It again came down to the anchor bowlers. I needed the first two strikes plus to lock it out. Ball 1 was a perfect pocket shot. 1 down, 1 to go. Ball 2 was also pretty, however that dreaded 10 pin stood laughing at me. Damn, we can’t win. However, we could tie if I pick it. So I showed that fucker who was boss and we tied. Jen: 131 Andrew: 188 Bob: 163 Brandon: 181

So, with a win, a loss, a tie, and a series win; SoaL ended up with 4 points. Also, Jen and I would pick up 2 points towards the bet, while Bob and Andrew got 3. So far, after two weeks of the bet, Brandon and Bob are tied for the lead.

Week 6 to come tomorrow.