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Week 6 Review

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Well, week 6 was definately a down week from the team stand point. Going up against Spare parts, 8th place (18-17), proved rather difficult. Not only did we give them 60 sticks a game in handicap, but their 169 average bowler rolled his ass off. Actually, looking at the score sheet, all members of Spare parts were well over average. Damn sand-baggers. Haha, ok, thats just a shitty excuse for losing and I refuse to use it. We lost because we didn’t bowl well enough.

The first game was pretty close. While SoaL bowled around average or slightly over, Spare Parts was 82 pins over average. As I said before, add that to the 60 we game them, it makes it a struggle to keep up. However, we only lost by 31 pins. Jen: 158 Andrew: 167 Bob: 156 Brandon: 208

The second game, SoaL took a beating and lost by 66 bones. Andrew bounced back to hit his average while Bob and Brandon were pretty consistent. Jen fell asleep in the bathroom and missed four frames. Hehe. Jen: 95 Andrew: 182 Bob: 159 Brandon: 202

The third game, SoaL would seek revenge. SoaL will not be shut out, will not go home beaten, will not be embarrassed! Andrew again bowled over his average and Brandon as well, barely. Bob blew up and rolled 44 over his average, earning him an extra point for the bet. Jen, refreshed from her nap fought to get back to average but fell one point short. SoaL would win by 45 pins and take two points for the week. Jen: 140 Andrew: 182 Bob: 200 Brandon: 188.

And for the bet? Well, Bob’s big game puts him in the lead by one point. And while he seems pretty confident that he will remain the leader, we must remind him that there are still 9 weeks or so left of this contest. And I’m starting to hit my stride. Jen seems to have accepted that she will not win and is now rooting for Bob. And Andrew isn’t far behind and could make a push for that leader’s spot.

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